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Rain Rain Go Away

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Its been raining here in NH for days.  It feels more like April than June.  Which is fine because I don’t do well with hot humid weather, but I can do without it being 57 degrees in June!!!

On another note…I got new wedge sandals yesterday that look fantastic with jeans!  Yep Jeans!  I can wear jeans today!  I live in Lululemon yoga pants, but not today!  Acupuncture must be working!

Now how about some of this instead of rain rain rain for days….



About Amanda

I'm 32 and I'm working on beating Interstitial Cystitis. I may have the disease, but the disease does not have me! I have the best team of people treating me and keeping me positive. Yes I may have had to change what I eat, but I feel healthier because I am eating more whole foods and less processed crap. There are ways to heal my body that include acupuncture, yoga and stretching, nutrition, physical therapy, and meditation. Family support is the most important factor in my kicking IC ass, because without them, it would be impossible!

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