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Happy Mother’s/Father’s Day!!

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Yes I know it’s not either one of those days, but my sister and I did our Mother’s and Father’s day gift today.  Thankfully the rain held off enough for us to complete our work!  YAY!!

A couple of weeks ago my sister went over to our parents house and started the work for us.  She worked on weeding the flower beds under the overhangs of the house.  That way today we didn’t have as much work to do.  We had a very small window to do this for them because I’m working an overtime shift tomorrow and working next weekend, then my sister is getting married the weekend after that!!!  Exciting and busy times!

We started with this today

Then we went and bought these

We worked and worked away pulling out more weeds and violets that had taken over the space.  One of us had pulled a toad out of the garden and put it in the wagon, I saw it and Laura guided it out with the shovel!  It wanted to go back into the garden but we made him go the other way.  We then put down the weed block stuff.  We placed the plants where we thought they should go…

We waited for the BF to come over to make sure our placement was ok.  But in the meantime our parents came home and really liked our work.  So then the three of us worked on getting the plants in the ground.  Oh wait did I say 3 of us…I meant 4 of us…

It wasn’t too much longer before we were finished and our work looked great!

All that is left to do is get mulch and rocks to put down the finishing touches!  That is a project for my mom and I on Wednesday.  Then we have to tackle the other side…there is the whole summer after the wedding for that!  After all this work the BF got him and the kids chinese food while Laura and I went to Boloco for dinner.  We’ll just say that mango salsa…not a grand idea for me.  Oh well live and learn right!



















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