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Quinoa and Chicken Patty’s

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Well the 4th went by without an ill doggie!  Now they are doing thisand thisThis is after helping me outside this morning.  I put mulch in the flower beds this morning until it got too hot to be outside.  I also got 1/2 the lawn done, I got blisters from the shoes I was wearing.  Hope they heal before Saturday!

This is what I had for lunch.  It was leftovers from dinner last nightIt’s a quinoa salad with cucumber, dill, feta, and olive oil to freshen it up.  Also in the mix is 1/2 of a chicken patty that I made.  I whipped them together last night and they came out so good!!  I’ll have to write-up the recipe soon, but they are super easy!

On the list for the rest of the day…

  • finish the rest of the lawn
  • put away the clothes (I did 2 loads of laundry too!)
  • make dinner for me and the BF
  • convince him to try to stay home from work!
  • pack for the rest of the week with what I have at this house (I hate living in 2 houses)

Now Luna is dreaming and her big flubber lips are flapping all over the place!  I love watching her sleep!  She did so much work helping me outside this morning!


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I'm 32 and I'm working on beating Interstitial Cystitis. I may have the disease, but the disease does not have me! I have the best team of people treating me and keeping me positive. Yes I may have had to change what I eat, but I feel healthier because I am eating more whole foods and less processed crap. There are ways to heal my body that include acupuncture, yoga and stretching, nutrition, physical therapy, and meditation. Family support is the most important factor in my kicking IC ass, because without them, it would be impossible!

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