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I’ve got Bats in My Belfry

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I have at least 2 bats in my house!  EEKKK!!!  I woke up this morning at 3:30 to Stella being weird sitting on the edge of the bed sort of twitching like she was trying to catch a bug or moth.  Then something big flew right by my head and landed on the window right next to my face.  I could see it was a big moth or something and tried to close the window but it started flying again.  I turned on the light and knew we had a problem!  It flew into the other bedroom and into the closet.  I had turned on that light and saw it in there so I whipped off the light and slammed the door shut.  Then I ran downstairs and grabbed my computer and brought it up to the bedroom with me.

I was sitting with Stella on the bed when what the hell, but another one is flying around us.  I dive under the covers, then think, what the heck am I going to do about it under here?  I come up only to see it hit the wall and fall to the floor probably blinded by the bright light.  Stella looks at it and I tell her “No leave it Stella, No NO” and for once in her life that dog listened to me!  I grabbed my phone and ran out of the room with my computer and then tried to get Stella out of the room.  Poor thing was so confused.  This weird thing was flying around our house and I was yelling at her!  She was watching it fly around and I got her out of the room and shut the door.  I called work to tell them what was going on, they were going to call me back to get details (a code brown was going on there).

I went downstairs and waited for the phone call from work.  By now its 4:15am.  I”m freaking out and the dogs have no idea what is going on.  Work calls back and as I’m on the phone another winged animal starts flying around!  Being the brave person I am, I shrink into a corner.  The person on the other end tells me not to panic and since I’m up just to take the dogs somewhere.  And that they would take care of me not coming into work one way or another.

I shove Stella into her crate and take Luna outside on a leash.  Something I never do because she is so good.  Well that was the move of a lifetime because when I get out there she is growling at something in the yard.  She does her thing and I put her in the car for safe keeping.  I then ran in the house and grab Stella, who is now freaking out in her crate and we go outside and leave the front door wide open.  I was hoping the bat would just exit the property!  Well I found out what Luna was growling at….A skunk!!!  Could this get any worse?  Stella goes pee and I put her in the car and wait for another phone call from work as to what to plan for the day would be, if I was on call or had to be out.

After the phone call I ran back in the house and grabbed my keys and purse and left.  No glasses cuz they were upstairs with the bats.  I wasn’t going up there, nope so sir, no way!  I drove all the way to Concord, 45 minutes unable to see!  I soft of felt like those bats flying around my totally lit up house!  Good thing I know that road like the back of my hand!

My parents came back with me to grossly fix the hole in my dinning room ceiling from a plumbing issue a while back and look for said bats.  We didn’t find any after tearing this house apart leaving no curtain unturned (my mom called me a whimp for freaking out during the search).  I think the one flew out when the front door was open, but the other one is still up in the spare bedroom.  The plan is to open the windows in there this evening and let the ugly creature out.  YUCK!  I can’t believe this happened!  Funny though…same thing happened to my sister and her husband 3 different times!  They must have a thing for us!

Oh yeah it’s my mom’s birthday today…and she was nice enough to spend the day with me chasing bats!  Happy Birthday Mom!


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I'm 32 and I'm working on beating Interstitial Cystitis. I may have the disease, but the disease does not have me! I have the best team of people treating me and keeping me positive. Yes I may have had to change what I eat, but I feel healthier because I am eating more whole foods and less processed crap. There are ways to heal my body that include acupuncture, yoga and stretching, nutrition, physical therapy, and meditation. Family support is the most important factor in my kicking IC ass, because without them, it would be impossible!

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