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And onto the Derm

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I can add another Dr to the mix now.  A female dermatologist to look at my “stuff” to see what the heck is up with things.  My vulvodynia isn’t getting any better, and therefore my PFD isn’t getting any better, so it’s onto another specialist.  I would rather go to a Derm than an anesthesiologist to put needles in my back.  Hopefully she will have some ideas….until then PT is on hold because the PFD will always be there if the vulvodynia is acting up.  The waiting list is apparently very long to see her, she must be very popular!

I have acupuncture tomorrow, can’t wait!  I worked nights this week and it kicks my ass.  I can’t wait until they are over.  I couldn’t even bear the thought of going to get the veggies from the CSA today, so my mom went for me.  She ordered herself 5 lbs of italian flat beans I am going to pick up next week!  Crazy woman!

I have been avoiding gluten for about a good week now and feel so much better.  I can’t believe what a difference it makes!  No bloating, gas, and other discomforts.  I got gluten-free pancake mix which the BF and I enjoyed Saturday am and we both felt so great all day!  There really may be something to this…now if I had just avoided the organic melon and iced coffee that day I would have been great Sunday too!


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I'm 32 and I'm working on beating Interstitial Cystitis. I may have the disease, but the disease does not have me! I have the best team of people treating me and keeping me positive. Yes I may have had to change what I eat, but I feel healthier because I am eating more whole foods and less processed crap. There are ways to heal my body that include acupuncture, yoga and stretching, nutrition, physical therapy, and meditation. Family support is the most important factor in my kicking IC ass, because without them, it would be impossible!

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