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I have two crazy doggies.  I believe that they are vital in recovery.  I mean we all feel better when we laugh right?  These two dogs are clowns, all day long, all the time!  When they are not clowning around, they are cuddle bugs.

First we have Miss Stella Belle, a cocker whippet mix I rescued from the shelter when she was about 6 months old

Then there is my heart dog, Luna.  She came into my life when she was 8 weeks old and a tiny little peanut.  Even though she is a big bad boxer, she is a big scardy cat!  Such a sweet soul, but scared of everything.  Puppy class was heart wrenching because she was scared of the other puppies!  Together we worked very hard doing Rally-O and she has gotten much better, but new people or things still frighten her.  Luna has to do things on her terms.  She is a ball dog though…a ball always makes her feel better…or a cookie!

They are so silly!  Just what you need what your feeling like crap or need a snuggle.


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