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Smurfing the Day Away

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Well yesterday was not.  I was put on call for my overtime shift for about a half and hour then called back in.  At 5:30 am that doesn’t go over very well!!  I still had to shower and make the 1 hour and 2 minute drive to work and be there by 7am!  But I sure made it there, thanks to my excess blending Tuesday while making a green smoothie, I had breakfast waiting for me in the fridge!

Today we got up and decided to go see the Smurfs with the kids.  We didn’t see the 3D version so the movie was a little blurry, but it was funny and cute.  Before the movies the BF and I whipped these babies out

Brown Butter Peach Crumble Bars from over at How Sweet It Is and man are they so good!!!  I enjoyed them this evening with coconut milk vanilla ice cream, but I see so many other possibilities like blueberries, mango, apples, raspberries, its endless!

The photo is horrible because the lighting is awful in my kitchen this late at night and its raining!

The BF got this book for me yesterday, he went to Boarders not once but twice to find it for me, now that is love don’t you think!I have been busy reading all about chronic pelvic pain and interstitial cystitis.  I haven’t been able to put it down!  It’s so full of great information of both conventual medicine and holistic medicine.  Which is confirming my thoughts for my future, which will be let out of the bag at a later date, I can’t wait!


Its all in the hips

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I had PT today.  I used a valium before I went, not sure if it made things better or if it would have been more painful without it.  She found new areas that were giving me trouble as far as my PFD goes.  Also my hip flexors are tight, especially the left one.  This left hip has bothered me since high school.  It may be some of the root to all my pelvic floor pain!  I got new exercises to do to help fatigue the muscles and maybe relax them a little more.  Hopefully it helps!

Its also Wednesday which means its CSA day!!!!  YIPPY!!!  Heres what we got….

  • Kale
  • lettuce
  • tomatoes
  • cucumbers
  • squash
  • corn!
  • beans
  • broccoli
  • and most exciting Blueberries!  Yes they are almost gone already!

And just for fun, some pictures of the doggies

Stella in her house

Luna getting some sun

Beating the Heat

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Does not Beat IC!  This weekend was so hot!  Thursday was upper 80s, Friday was upper 90s, and Saturday got up to 100!  OUCH!  Too hot for lil old me!  I went to the neurologist on Friday and we discussed how I should stay really hydrated in the heat because of all the medications I am on and the fact that with topamax the body can lose its temperature regulation causing one to overheat.  I don’t do well in the heat anyways then add these medications that dry me out and cause me to over heat, not a good combination!

Friday we took the girls to the movies to see Zoo Keeper.  My review of this movie is to run, don’t walk very far far away from this movie!  It wasn’t very good at all and the girls were obviously very bored with it taking 3 potty breaks during it!  Anyways, that day wasn’t so bad.

Saturday we checked out Boarders to see what they had on sale for kids books, they were about the only books not on super sale!  Then we had lunch and went to the lake to swim in the warm water.  I think in all I drank about 3 liters of water not thinking about it.  I was just drinking all day cuz I was so hot, well I surely paid for it!  I had to pee 3 times in the 2 hours at the lake.  Then the frequency continued at home, then out at dinner (who wants to cook when its 100 outside?).  I also had horrible bladder pain which I haven’t had in so long.

In the past week or so I have also developed an interesting new problem.  I eat then have to go find a bathroom!  I am so not used to this!  Its horrible, I feel like a guy!  At acupuncture last week she did points that were for both constipation and diarrhea which the body does what it needs to with them.  Well it continued, so today she did point for splenic qi to see if that would help solve this problem.  I’m afraid to eat anything!  I’m starting to wonder if its related to wheat or gluten so I had quinoa for dinner with cucumber and fennel for dinner.  Guess its time to journal food for a while again until I figure this out

Wednesday CSA Day!

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Well last week I never made it to yoga class.  I did however get in my car and drive downtown only to discover it was Market Days in Concord and Main Street was closed.  There wasn’t even any parking within blocks of Main Street so I just came right home.  Bummer, but I did a quick yoga on demand while the BF went to gather the kids.  Maybe this week I will make it, who knows.

The weekend was a work weekend.  But I did all day shifts so I felt like a million bucks compared to working 4 nights!  I’m so excited to go to all day shifts!  I think I only have 5 or 6 night shifts in total left!!!

Today was CSA day!  Love them!  Today we got

  • potatoes
  • tomatoes
  • garlic
  • kale
  • lettuce
  • cucumbers
  • beets…YIPPY!
  • Snap peas

I was so happy to see beets!  I almost gave a little yell right there!  And cucumbers!  This has been the best week so far with many more to come!

Last week at acupuncture we talked about the dreaded yeast dun dun dun….

I’ve started taking oregano oil and tried to do the whole garlic clove a day.  I tried it last night, I was able to get it down.  This morning I put it in my smoothie and it kind of spiced it up a bit.  We also talked about a yeast preventing/ridding diet like The Body Ecology Diet.  I already have the book so I skimmed it over again and re-took the test.  My score was sky-high as I thought it would be indicating a big issue with yeast.  It probably won’t be hard for me since I don’t like bread, can’t eat much fruit now anyways, and pasta isn’t the same without red sauce.  I just have to pick a starting day and go forward from there.  I’m thinking August 1st to make things easy and give me time to really review the book and get things ready.  I know I can do it…I mean I went totally dairy free for almost a whole year and that was so easy because once I did it and felt so much better it was a synch to keep going!

Yoga, Yes Please

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I went to acupuncture this morning.  I didn’t go last week and I could definitely tell.  I felt that heaviness in my lower abdomen towards the end of last week and this week.  I also noticed I was peeing more and my vulvodynia was worse.  She lets me stay longer than 1/2 hour which is great!  We also talked about oil of oregano and the yeast free diet.  Another diet to be on, but if it will help I will do it.

I told her next week I’m going to check out New England School of Acupuncture, she said that was one of the best schools to go to!  And if I have any questions I can ask her any time!  Yay!  Helpful people are the best!


I am going to get over my fear of yoga class tonight and go.  I told the BF yesterday that I’m going tonight so now I really have to go…EEEKKK

Being Green on Vacation

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We are on vacation this week, for real vacation, not running around with wedding stuff vacation.  It is wonderful!  We have never ever been on vacation at the same time.  Well last year we went to Maine in August for what was originally three days, but was cut down to two because it was about 60 degrees and raining the whole time

Right now we are on a very nice “Staycation”.  So far this week we have gone to 2 state beaches starting with Sunapee right by my house because we had to go up there to check on the house and cut the grass.  We loaded Luna and Ella into the car with all the beach stuff.  After we took care of all the stuff at the house, we then headed to the beach and had a grand time

I love Sunapee because it’s so clean and its hardly ever crowded like the ocean.  The people there are usually always pretty nice.  It’s also a carry in carry out park and they give you a little bag for your trash when you get there, but we had brought one anyways.

Yesterday we went to Clough after we ran our errands in Concord.  Its nice and close and quiet.  But we noticed that no one was running the park and there was some trash on the beach, not much but a couple of cans.  There were some little girls for Ella to play with so that was fun!  Again the water was clean and the scenery was just beautiful and makes you love living in NH!

Today both the girls are at camp/school so we took the day to clean around the house and wash blankets and doggie beds.  But we were green in doing so!  We took over the BF’s neighbors cloths line since she is away for the summer.  And now everything smells like the sunshine and fresh wind.

Oh and on Vacation you are allowed to have a glass of wine with lunch right?

Announcing Ben and Laura Percy!

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What a weekend it was!

It was amazing and beautiful!  Everyone had such a great time!

Thankfully my bladder cooperated too…Bonus!